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Benefits of Membership:

What Can the Alliance Do for Me? 

WE ASSIST members in avoiding unnecessary funeral expenses. 


WE HELP members plan ahead for their final arrangements. 


WE PROVIDE information about local cemetery prices and mortuary costs. For those who are interested, we provide how to care for your own dead. 


WE RECOMMEND that you discuss your plans and wishes with those close to you: family, friends and spiritual advisers. Consider their ideas and let them know yours. 


JOIN US for our FCAH Annual Meeting and our informative community presentation in the Spring. 


VOLUNTEER to table at Farmer's Markets or with helping to organize the Annual Meeting!

We are no longer able to provide reduced prices with the local mortuaries. 

What Does It Cost to Join? 

The suggested cost of an individual membership is $25. This is a one-time, lifetime sum. No one is denied membership because of inability to pay a membership fee. (There is no cost for children under 18). 


An additional annual contribution is suggested to help offset mailing, phone and operating expenses. Nonpayment of an annual donation does not affect a member's right to services and benefits of this Alliance. 

To donate Click Here: 


To become a member, we have two choices to join as a member: 




If you choose print form, please mail the form and your $25 payment to: 

FCA of Humboldt 

P.O. Box 856 

Arcata, CA 95518


Note: This application is for a lifetime membership and may be transferable to other FCA affiliate throughout the US. If you leave our area, please contact us so that we may refer you to an affiliate in your new locale. 


Members of FCA of Humboldt meet annually and each member has one vote. The membership elects directors to serve for 3-year terms. 

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