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We Rely on Your Support! 

Our all-volunteer organization does a lot with a little.  YOUR community support helps with operating expenses, educational materials and training opportunities. We remain committed to providing phone and email support for those in need of our service.  We educate our community about end of life issues through newsletters, presentations, library resources and more.




We appreciate your generous financial contributions and

will provide a tax-deductible receipt, upon request, for all cash and non-cash donations. 


If you would like to support the efforts of your local

Funeral Consumers Alliance, we welcome your contributions.

Please consider adding a donation to the "coffin" at the

Annual Meeting, or mail your donation to: 


FCA of Humboldt 

P.O. Box 856 

Arcata, CA 95518


To download a donate form, click the print form button  


Thanks to all who left donations at the annual meeting last year! 


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