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Newsletter 2021

2021 Annual Meeting

A Life Care Option in Humboldt

This year we have a speaker from Life Care Humboldt (LCH) talking to us about an option people may have in Humboldt with Life Care Planning. This is a great option for people to consider and we don’t have many of these options here in Humboldt.

We are happy to help coordinate with Dr. Ann Lindsay to help keep it all local. You have all heard me say before at annual meetings how important I find keeping it all local to our wonderful little paradise we have in Humboldt. If you have any questions for Dr. Lindsay, you can submit them on our website or via the chat box in the zoom meeting. Here is what Dr. Lindsay wrote to share with us:

Newsletter 2022

2022 Annual Meeting

Overwhelmed by Too Much STUFF?!

By Tracy Jordan French
My personal goal for 2022 is to make significant progress on my long End of Life Planning checklist: update our Advance Healthcare Directive, review our Will, research safe, affordable housing options, and tackle all our accumulated stuff so that our daughter isn’t burdened one day with this onerous task. Because it will be. I know. I’ve managed to become owner of the remaining stuff which was once the possessions of 3 family members plus one friend. As one who aspires to live as waste-free as possible, and a proficient procrastinator, I have found myself feeling more than a little overwhelmed by stuff.

Fortunately, our guest speaker for this year’s annual meeting is someone who can help all of us move past this last, formidable hurdle. Maggie Kraft will be sharing her expertise on addressing this challenge. Kraft has always enjoyed “…organizing, decluttering and helping people live in a setting that makes them happy.”

Newsletter 2020

Green Burial in Humboldt County: 

Options and Aspirations

Have you ever considered green burial? With a green burial, the body is simply placed in a biodegradable coffin or shroud and buried. The goal is complete decomposition and the grave site is allowed to return to nature. Have you been wondering what your options are for a green burial in Humboldt County?

Newsletter 2019

The Gift of Peace of Mind

Give this important gift to yourself.  Make a good advance care plan for your future medical care that you want, taking the burden and uncertainty away from your family and loved ones about your wishes.  Let them know how you want to be cared for matching your values and beliefs, before your life changes and you can no longer express your desires. Peace of mind is a precious gift you can give yourself.

Newsletter 2018

Planning for My Death

What if you had to "step out" of your life today? Who knows:


· where you hide your extra set of keys

· when your bills are due and how they are paid, your bank accounts, retirement funds, healthcare and life  insurance policies

· who provides your healthcare (doctors, alternative therapists, pharmacy…)

· how you want your last few hours to be spent

· if you have an Estate Plan or an Advance Healthcare Directive

· what you want done with your remains...

Newsletter 2017

Brief Overview: End of Life Option Act

The End of Life Option Act is a California law that permits terminally ill adult patients, with the capacity to make medical decisions, to be prescribed an aid-in-dying medication if certain conditions are met. Signed into law by Governor Brown in October 2015, the law went into effect on June 9, 2016. California is the fifth state to enact an aid-in-dying law.

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