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FCA Affiliates

Did you know that FCA has a California Affiliate and a National Affiliate with a lot of resources available to you? 

FCA-California is unique in that we are one of only a few states if the the only one that has a state wide affiliate and local affiliates available to its consumers. Part of the support you provide to FCAH goes to helping keep FCA-CA active as well, FCAH pays dues to FCA-CA annually.


If you would like more information on FCA-California, please click the below button for more information on their website. Sometimes people in call FCAH for information on other FCA's in CA. FCA-California as a directory available on their website that provides you with information on current active affiliates in the state. FCA-CA also works with these affiliates to provide support, and information to keep their affiliate active. FCA-CA also stays active on keeping you up to date on information that might be of interest in State legislature concerning funerals and the funeral industry. 

FCACA is having their Virtual Annual Conference about Aquamation. This is a very hot topic right now. FCACA will be having two speakers giving us some information about Aquamation and how it is on its way to becoming a legal option for end of life choices in California. Please visit their website for more information about this annual meeting and how to register. 

FCA National is also another resource we are providing information to you that helps provide you with information nationally having to do with funerals and the funeral industry. FCAH pays annual dues to National to help support them and they in turn help support us as well. FCA National also works with affiliates all over the country providing information, support to keep their affiliate active.  

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